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    Home Inspection Finger Lakes NY

    You have an eye on that pretty house around the corner. It’s available for sale and you can’t keep your cool now. However, you are only making the decision to purchase that particular house on the basis of what you see on the outside. 

    Before you make the final decision, pause, and think. Think about all the additional costs that you will have to pay if the plumbing system of the house turns out to be faulty. The risk you will be putting your health into because of the mold growth in the attic of that house is another concern altogether. 

    Hence, it is important for you to understand that your house is more than the color of the paint, the modular kitchen, and the design. 

    Getting the home inspected before you make a final judgment call is highly recommended and smart practice. A few hundred dollars is much better than spending several thousands of dollars over the cost of the house. 

    Best Home Inspector Finger Lakes NY

    A home inspection is not an easy job. It is not something that you can do on your own. You need a professional home inspector in Finger Lakes NY if you wish to avoid expensive repairs once you move in as well as stay safe in your new home. 

    At Central Real Estate Inspections, we are well-trained with multiple certifications for Radon testing, Mold Assessments, SewerScans, Thermography, Pest infestations, and Water testing in the Fingers Lake area. We firmly believe in offering only the finest service and workmanship. 

    Our passion and hard work will help you make sure that the property you are planning to buy is safe and adequate working order. For us, your happiness, safety, and a good investment decision will always come first. 

    Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and that is perhaps what makes us one of the highly recommended home inspectors in the Finger Lakes area. 

    Radon & Mold Testing Finger Lakes

    The last thing anyone wants is to buy a poisonous house.  Mold growth is very common in the Finger Lakes Region and with Professional Air Sampling the lab results will reveal if Toxic mold is present within your living areas.  

    But wait, Mold makes people sick. Did you know that Radon exposure can Kill you or your loved one’s??  That is correct Radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer second only to smoking.  Approximately 21,000 deaths per year just in the USA are consequently caused by exposure to Radon.    At Central Real Estate Inspections, we have all the latest equipment and are nationally certified  to perform Radon testing along with Mold Air Sampling.  We are trained and licensed to identify the indications of molds, estimate severity, and write a Mold Assessment to aid in your mold remediation.  

    We also offer you accurate reports along with consulting about Radon mitigation measures to fix any issues and keep everything under control. 

    All that you need to do is simply give us a call. 

    Sewer Scanning Finger Lakes

    Drain pipes that move waste and water from your home to a septic tank or the main sewer system are typically something people don’t think about when purchasing a home.  Over the years different types of materials have been used to fabricate these “lateral drains”.  Over time these pipes become damaged or collapse due to shifting, deterioration, and root growth.  Lateral drains are the HomeOwners responsibility to maintain!   Although there may be some connections that go to the middle of the street, if you’re connected to municipal sewer, it is the current home owners responsibility to pay the repair bill no matter what.   If the house you are looking to purchase is over 20 years old it is important to get your sewer pipe scanned especially if you don’t want to bear the expenses of repair which may exceed $10,000  especially if the problem lies under the road.  

    Our experts at Central Real Estate Inspections are well-trained and tech-savvy to scan sewers with all the latest technology and help you save several thousands of dollars.  

    Water Analysis Finger Lakes

    We are a team of professionals who offer a lot more than your regular home inspection in the Finger Lakes. Apart from making sure that your systems are properly installed, we also have professionals that are certified to offer Tap Score by Simple Water. 

    Backed by professional and well-trained engineers, our buyers or sellers get all the water test results effortlessly and quickly. 

    We make sure that we are offering reports with everything mentioned in detail. Our reports always include contaminants explanation, plumbing, and health risk analysis, and also treatment cost breakdown. 

    Our Service Areas

    Post Possession Home Inspection

    An alternative option for new home buyers! We will conduct a walk through inspection. explain and show everything in detail. We will create a list of items that they can address over time as able. We can do the inspection as soon as they move in!

    $300 Post Home Inspection
    $75 Radon Testing