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    Residential Thermography Rochester

    Tired of paying unusually large energy bills? The culprit may not be extensive usage. That’s right, even when you are using your home and HVAC appliances sensibly, if your home insulation is not up to the mark, you may be faced with high energy bills. The worse news is, without the right kind of tests, it is nearly impossible to tell if your home is wasting energy.

    This is where residential thermography for Rochester homes becomes relevant. As the name suggests, thermography is the survey of the interior and exterior surfaces of your home to identify leaking cold or warm air or the creation of envelopes as a result of leaking air. Thermography is done using infrared cameras that can detect and capture the variations in temperature.

    At Central Home Inspections INC, residential thermography is one of our specialties. We have conducted the service in hundreds of houses in and around Rochester and have maintained a spotless client satisfaction rate. We’re a locally owned business servicing Rochester and surrounding areas for well over 15 years.

    Inspection Services That You Can Count On

    Since 2006, under the leadership of Jim Wurtenberg, Central Home Inspections INC has emerged as a household name when it comes to conducting any kind of residential inspection in Rochester.

    When it comes to residential thermography in Rochester, we ensure absolute client satisfaction by equipping our inspectors with the right knowledge and the right tools for the job. All inspectors associated with Central Home Inspections INC are trained and have extensive experience in conducting thermography inspections. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest, most cutting-edge thermography equipment including infrared video cameras.

    This combination of training, experience, and technology allows our inspectors to tell you exactly where your home stands in terms of energy efficiency. Our reports are equal parts detailed and easy to understand and are accompanied by the expert advice of our inspectors.

    Get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote on our residential thermography in Rochester services.

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    An alternative option for new home buyers! We will conduct a walk through inspection. explain and show everything in detail. We will create a list of items that they can address over time as able. We can do the inspection as soon as they move in!

    $300 Post Home Inspection
    $75 Radon Testing