4 Reasons to have your water lab tested:

  • Lead Contamination – The presence of lead at certain levels can have potential health risks to you and your family.
  • Arsenic is tasteless – 20% of untreated drinking water in the U.S. contains some level of cancer-causing arsenic (USGS).
  • Hidden Maintenance – Water hardness can be identified early and mitigated before it causes serious plumbing issues.
  • Know Before You Buy – The most powerful tool at the negotiation table is information.

Central Real Estate Inspections is proud to offer Tap Score by Simple Water as another service in the mission to keep you and your family safe. Backed by professional engineers and PhD staff, these certified water tests allow homebuyers and sellers to obtain unquestionable results quickly and effortlessly. Clients will receive detailed results including: Contaminants explained, Health risks analyzed, Plumbing risks analyzed, and Treatment costs explained. Tap Score is the leading option for fast and dependable home water testing!

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