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    Siding is a popular choice for home builders because it is low maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is also a common choice because properly installed and maintained siding can provide a great barrier against water.

    Home inspectors will pay close attention to the home’s siding to make sure it doesn’t show signs of cracking, splitting or holes of any kind. As you can imagine, once the siding is no longer intact the water barrier it provides is in question. Additionally, signs of warping or buckling are something the home inspector should catch. You can usually negotiate a price break during the sale if you know these items need to be repaired.


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      Post Possession Home Inspection

      An alternative option for new home buyers! We will conduct a walk through inspection. explain and show everything in detail. We will create a list of items that they can address over time as able. We can do the inspection as soon as they move in!

      $300 Post Home Inspection
      $75 Radon Testing