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    Had a great experience! Jim was exceptionally knowledgeable, very thorough in his inspection, and took tons of extra time to explain everything to me and make sure I felt knowledgeable and comfortable. I can’t recommend enough!


    Laura Gagliano

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    Excellent pre-purchase home inspection. Very thorough, quick and responsive. Highly recommended!


    Rachel Glade

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    Jim was excellent to work with. He was knowledgeable and professional! We had issues with our seller and Jim was patient and understanding throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him.


    Shelby Kramer

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    Service was top notch, answered any and all of my questions, was pleasant and extremely thorough with the inspection. All around excellent quality. I’d recommend Jim and Central Real Estate Inspections to anybody.


    CJ Frank

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    Jim conducted a thorough inspection and provided a well organized, and informative binder documenting the inspection along with recommendations. I highly recommend his services.


    Jonathan Landry

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    Rated highly for: Value, Quality, Punctuality, ResponsivenessJim was so thorough and helpful. He really took the time to explain everything to me. I highly recommend!


    Kelsey G

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    Home Inspection

    Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people ever make. Your decision will affect you for years to come and the inspectors at Central Real Estate Inspections understand that. There is always risk when making a large financial purchase, but a professional real estate inspection will significantly reduce your risk. By having a property inspection performed prior to buying a home you will get a detailed report of the bones of the home. Home inspections and radon testing results can also be valuable bargaining tools.


    Radon Testing

    Radon exposure is the second-leading cause of death from lung cancer in the United States. Radon is invisible and completely undetectable without special equipment. Central Real Estate Inspections performs radon testing using the most up to date continuous monitors; which are sophisticated, electronic instruments that collect data hourly and are equipped with tamper detectors. We then provide you with the results and recommend mitigation measures you can take to keep you and your family safe.


    Sewer Scanning

    Did you know that as the homeowner you are responsible for the pipes that run from your house out to the sewer connection? For some people this connection is in proximity to your property line, but there are some that may be responsible for pipe that travels out to almost the middle of the street! The typical repair costs for a house-to-sewer pipe repair can start around $2,500 and quickly jump upwards of $10,000 if the problem lies under the street.


    Rehab/Renovation Consulting

    Imagine you want to purchase a home in your dream neighborhood. Stock of available homes is low but there is “that one that needs some work” still for sale. The purchase price is right but you know it needs some serious repairs and upgrades to make it habitable, clean, and safe. You could purchase the home and move in until you can finance the improvements separately OP you could use a 203(k) rehab loan that covers both the initial mortgage amount &the funds you need for repairs.


    Mold Assessment/Air Sampling

    Mold is a multi-cellular fungus that requires three things to grow Moisture/water (generally more than 55% indoor humidity levels) Organic food source (paper, fabric, sheetrock, etc.) Proper temperature (typically 40° to 99° Fahrenheit) While it is impossible to “mold proof” your house, mold growth can be managed Our New York State licensed mold assessor has been thoroughly trained to identify the presence of mold and estimate the severity.


    Residential Thermography

    At Central Real Estate Inspections, we use this technology in assessing concerns about moisture intrusion and determining electrical system concerns such as overloading or overheating. There are many other uses for thermography in the residential setting and we would be excited to speak with you more about your needs.

    Residential Thermography

    Often used in conjunction with the Home Energy Score process, residential thermography also has other uses. Primarily at Central Real Estate Inspections we use this technology in assessing concerns about moisture intrusion and determining electrical system concerns such as overloading or overheating. There are many other uses for thermography in the residential setting and we would be excited to speak with you more about your needs.


    You know someone is good when they guarantee their service. At Central Real Estate Inspections, we guarantee our competent and professional property inspection or your money back. We’ll even pay for another home inspection. It’s that simple.

    We have complete confidence we will meet or exceed your expectations because we know our property inspection and property report will be thorough and professional. This is why we can comfortably offer this guarantee.

    If you are not completely satisfied with your home inspection, property inspection. we will refund your money and pay for the inspector of your choice.

    This guarantee is just one more way we demonstrate our commitment to quality.

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    Post Possession Home Inspection

    An alternative option for new home buyers! We will conduct a walk through inspection. explain and show everything in detail. We will create a list of items that they can address over time as able. We can do the inspection as soon as they move in!

    $300 Post Home Inspection
    $75 Radon Testing